Spotted at Disneyland: 10 employees of the year!

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If you have already been to Disneyland, you can’t escape employees dressed as Minnie, Mickey, Donald and the rest of the Disney cast. However the magic of Disneyland relies on it’s employees to recreate the renowned fairy tale atmosphere! Here are ten resourceful employees spotted at Disneyland.

Disneyland is always busy during the holidays. What with the nighttime parades, Christmas lights and the rides and attractions, the home of Mickey has got a lot to attract visitors. However, like with everything, it relies on employees to bring to life the magic of Disney! Here are ten examples of when you might be awarded employee of the year at Disneyland!

1/ Donald Duck reunited with his family

You can find lots of surprises at Disneyland! Even real ducks want to join the fun! Huey, Dewey and Louie ?

2/ Mickey and Minnie can speak sign language

The most famous mouse couple can even speak in sign language!

3/ Snout to snout

When Pluto gets to know a guide dog we all crumple with emotion!

4/ Stitch made from a mop

This model employee has managed to recreate a picture of Stitch, the little alien friend of Lilo, with nothing but some soap and a mop. At Disneyland, magic is found at all levels!

5/ Darth Vader being challenged

When a four year old boy challenges the terrifying Darth Vader, it will be a memory he will keep with him for a long time. According to the little munchkin it was the best day of his life.