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Drone photographs: 15 sublime shots taken from above

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Drones have started to invade the skies to the delight of some amateurs and the dismay of others. (Remember the closures at Gatwick airport due to drone sightings). However we can’t deny the fact that these small remote controlled machines manage to take some beautiful pictures! Here are 15 of the top best drone photographs.

The real definition of, a drone is an UAV or an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, which is used for civil or military purposes, which can vary in size depending on it’s usage. Depending on the type of drone, flights can last a few minutes for an amateur usage to several hours for professional usage. Some photographs have captured landscapes from above, scenes of daily life or birds eye views of animals. Here are 15 magnificent drone photographs that will blow you away!

1/ Fishing Boat Vietnam, Trung Pham

A net that is completely out of proportion!

2/ Lion and drone Bachirm

Another type of encounter.

3/ United Arab Emirate desert roads, Whosane

Contrasting roads that run beside one another…

4/ Brighton Jetty, Lukemaximobell

Seen from above the jetty of this seaside village looks like a cargo ship.

5/ Road accident in Russia, Drone Nest

Russian roads are no walk in the park. This upturned van and it’s cargo have paid the price.