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Deserted locations: 15 incredible photos of ruins that have fallen into oblivion

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Certain former glories did not deserve to be abandoned. Opera houses, villas, churches or ancient cinemas – these places of past beauty hold a certain sense of enchantment and mystery. Here are 15 deserted locations that look as if they came straight out of a movie set.

Places can be abandoned for diverse reasons: social reasons, environmental reasons, economic or even financial reasons. The architects who worked on stadiums in various cities for the Olympic Games know it better than anyone else. But despite the sadness associated with the loss of their past splendour, a handful of passionate photographers know exactly how to revive these places’ ancient beauty. This series of photos comes from the camera lens of Simon Yeung, a reporter who is fascinated by abandoned places.

1/ A deserted church in the United States

2/ A ghost villa in Italy

3/ A theatre that has fallen into oblivion in the US

4/ A disused factory in Hungary

5/ A once magnificent hotel in Georgia

6/ An uninhabited castle in France

7/ A rusty Soviet train in Hungary