Dangerous selfies: 16 terrifying photos of people who have gone too far

Credit: Pinterest screenshots/ Edited: La Liste

7/ Don’t hang around…

Better not chance your luck!

8/ Held up by a pylon

The lengths you will go to get a perfect selfie has gone above and beyond!

9/ Perched above the rooftops

This crazy couple like to climb dizzying skyscraper while others like to go to the cinema. Each to their own…

10/ “Friends” selfie

We’re unsure whether this poor leopard is as happy about the selfie as this fearless adventurer.

11/ Adrenaline junkies

These three fearless men don’t seem bothered in the slightest about the extreme drop below them.

12/ Dizzying heights

These adrenaline junkie Russians like to gamble with their lives… They were after all the inventors of Russian roulette! As well as Kirill Oreshkin, Angela Nikolau has also made a buzz on her Instagram with selfies of her clinging to skyscrapers.