Couple humour: 13 funny phrases to make you smile


Humour is essential in a relationship.  Almost as vital as love and sex.  Without laughter, life is less fun!  Here are 13 phrases celebrating couple humour that should remind you of a few situations…

Couple humour differs from one couple to the next. Whatever the case it is important to not take yourself too seriously. Laughter is one of the foundations of a relationship which make it work.  It takes you away from the monotony your daily routines. Here are 13 funny quotes that show off couple humour which can be pulled out at any occasion! Lovers with a dull sense of humour will need to take a few with a pinch of salt.

1/ “Love is like the flu.  You catch it in the street and it finishes in the bedroom.”

A little simplistic comparison but it is true!

2/ “People say love is found on every corner of the street. I should live on a roundabout.”

Nothing like a bit of self-mockery to play down all that!

3/ “Girls express feelings in tears.  Boys express feelings in beers”

We all have our own way of expressing emotions!

4/ “Love is a two-way street constantly under construction. “

When will the road works end…

5/ “Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties “

An unusual image… this will strike a chord with couples with an unusual sense of humour!

6/ “Love is like maths: if we are a little scatterbrained, 1+1=3!”

Ah make sure you don’t forget to wear protection!

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