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Conspiracy theories: The world’s 10 craziest theories you’ll struggle to believe

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Many people believe in conspiracy theories and cover up jobs and think we are not always told the truth behind every historical fact or catastrophe. People believe there is a group of people acting in the shadows that we don’t always hear about.  Here are 10 conspiracy theories that will challenge your version of the facts.

It is clear that we don’t know everything.  However if this is the case you can always question everything you have been told or made to believe.  Conspiracy theories exist for almost everything however some of the most commonly known theories include the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong and the assassination of JFK. Read on to discover more about supposed cover ups and the stories your not meant to believe.   Have you been fooled?

1/ Aids

There is a conspiracy theory that Aids was a virus created by the American government as they wanted to reduce the world’s population. What is more some go as far to say that it had a genocidal conception with the aim of killing black African Americans.

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2/ Princess Diana’s death

Princess Di could have been assassinated by the orders of the royal family.  At least this is the conspiracy theory which is still widely circulated about the tragic death of the popular Princess of Wales.  Everyone knows that she died in a car crash in the Alma tunnel in Paris in 1997 while chased by the paparazzi.  However conspiracy theorists believe that her affair with Dodi Al-Fayed displeased the Royal Family as he was muslin.

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3/ Flat Earth

Incredibly, a high percentage of British people believe that the Earth is in fact not round but flat.  Despite all the spherical images taken of the Earth from space, those who believe in the conspiracy theory say that as they can always look at the horizon the Earth must be flat.

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4/ The Earth doesn’t orbit the Sun

Similar to the theory above, some people believe that the Earth doesn’t orbit the sun but in fact the our star actually orbits our beautiful planet.

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Credit: Exoplanet Exploration – NASA

5/ The world is controlled by extraterrestrial reptiles

Some believe that our heads of state and other leaders are not in fact what they seem.  Some believe they are actually extraterrestrial reptiles.  Conspiracy theory believers think that these human lizards hide in the the shadows manipulating us and then swallows us whole.  If this is true it would mean that Donald Trump, Teresa May and Nicolas Sarkozy are actually aliens… we’ll have to take a closer look next time!

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