Cats vs Technology: 12 ways the digital world has changed their lives

Credit: Pinterest: Anna Pavlova via

7/ Gas heater vs Mac battery

It is much simpler for your kitty cat to sit on a square battery that to try and get in between the spaces of a gas heater…

8/ Selfie vs Snapchat

With advancing technology you can now change faces with your cat… This is no simple selfie!

9/ Hunting companions vs Facebook friends

Have you created a Facebook page for your beloved cat? Don’t worry, you won’t be alone in this crazy idea!

10/ Prey vs An animal screensaver

All it takes is a winged prey to come near to your living room window and your cat will bound across the room to attack. Now your cat sits patiently waiting for your screensaver robin to make the sligthtest movement before it makes its move… It could be waiting for a while.

11/ Teddy vs Tablet

Sometimes your cat just needs a friend… or a reflection of itself!

12/ Ball of wool vs smartphone

It has to be said that a lit up iPhone looks less fun than a ball of wool! However perhaps it is true what they say about pets resembling their owners. Maybe you need to rethink how much time you spend on your smartphone…


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