Lovers of lie-ins: 15 cartoons that describe you

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The cartoons in this list will strike a chord with lovers of lie-ins! Under the pen name Lingvistov, this talented ink artist looks at our love or lack of sleep with a touch of humour!

Everyone can love a lie in. Do you struggle to get up in the morning as you feel sad to leave the warmth of your cocoon covers and are always looking forward to Saturday morning? We can wholeheartedly understand. Here are 10 cartoons from the artistLingvistov that you will love. 

1/ Restart the week-end

Weekends are never long enough!

2/ Weekly Routine

This is all too true! We all look forward to Fridays!

3/ Doesn’t take much to be happy

We all love a real lie in. The only problem is sometimes you can forget to turn off your alarm…

4/ Pleasure

We can all have this sensation after a very long, tiring day!

5/ Morning people…

…they are few and far between. Most of us struggle to get in gear in the morning!