Car journeys: 10 remarks children are bound to say

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Going on a car journey with children is no walk in the park.  However it is something that lots of parents have to get through especially on the run up to Christmas.  There are some phrases that children are bound to trot out without a shadow of a doubt. You’ll all have been there.  Are these phrases the same as what you were thinking?

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching and you have toyed with the idea of going by train with your brigade of children.  However, to keep things “simple”,  this year you have decided to go by car.  Perhaps longer and less environmentally friendly, but you can pack the whole kit and caboodle in with you and set off. However on a long journey kids can really take it out of you.  Moreover we bet that you won’t manage to get away from these 10 phrases from your children.  You’ve got to be realistic!

1/ Are we nearly there yet?

This is a classic remark when traveling with children.  However after the tiresome journey you’ve had, you often find yourself thinking the same! Where’s my glass of bubbly?

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2/ I feel sick

Often they are not joking… pull over quick before your kid spews over the upholstery in the backseat! Remember you have another three hours left….

3/ I need to go to the toilet

“How can you?  We already stopped fifteen minutes ago for a false alert!”  “But I reeeally need this time!”

4/ I’m huuungry

It’s a disaster when you forget the bag of snacks for the road.  You have to make a necessary food stop and buy lots of plastic-wrapped food that ends up getting in the way of the exits and entrances into the car… What’s more, your little rascal doesn’t have any qualms about telling you about the substandard quality of the food you’ve bought!  How ungrateful! When’s this journey going to end!

5/ Can I have that? (At the petrol station)

The next time you are going to leave your child in the car!  Otherwise they will be after the whole shop and then breakdown in tears if the don’t get one thing they are after.  A homemade sandwich can often be the solution… if you don’t forget the snack bag!

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