Before/after: 18 incredible room transformations

As your father always said to you, renting is throwing money out the window. And this is something that always stayed with you, up until your professional situation allowed you to get a loan. The first step towards becoming a homeowner.

So you’ve taken the plunge, and decided to invest in a property. Time to finally stop throwing money out the window (of your rented flat). Now you’re on the lookout for a roof under which you can lay your head for at least the next few years, if not your whole life. And maybe you’ve fallen head over heels in love with your dream property, the only problem being that it all needs to be refurbished! However, with a little ingenuity, miracles can happen. This is particularly the case for the interiors on this list, which have undergone incredible transformations.

1/ Attic bathroom

An incredible transformation, making the most of the natural light.

2/ Urban kitchenette

A tap of a magic want and this narrow kitchen is breathing with modernity!

3/ Enchanted garden

This banal wooden terrace is transformed into a veritable garden of Eden.

4/ Bathroom metamorphosis

This dark bathroom with jaded wallpaper is transformed into a rustic style room with warm wood paneling.

5/ Charmed caravan

With a few key transformations, this artistic couple brought new life to an abandoned old caravan. Bravo!

6/ From darkness into light

Who would have imagined that this dark room could ever house such a bright and beautiful kitchen?