Bad habits: 15 things that you should never do when you eat


6/ Eat in a noisy environment

If you want to eat well you should always eat in a calm, clean environment that smells good.  Always eat and cook with clean dishes.

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7/ Eat when we are not hungry just because it is the time to eat

We often eat as it is a socially acceptable time to eat and not because we are really hungry.  The problem with this habit is that sometimes our stomach has not finished digesting the meal before.  Listen to your body and only eat when you start to feel hungry.

8/ Not listening to our body and our constitution

Every person is different as is everyone’s stomach.  Some bodies are able to digest food well while others struggle to digest certain types of food.  This is why it is necessary to listen to your  dody.  Depending on which constitution you have, you can eat more or less of certain food products.

9/ Eat food products that travel miles to get to our plate

Eating tomatoes from Spain in winter which are grown under greenhouses or avocados which have traveled miles by plane are not healthy for the environment.  What is more they are not the best quality vegetable as they are not grown in the best conditions.  Try and choose locally grown produce that is in season for you to eat better and be more environmentally friendly.

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10/ Drinking water during or just before a meal

Avoid filling your stomach with water during your meals by drinking lots of water (especially if it is really cold). You have all day to keep yourself hydrated so try and drink outwith meals..

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