Architectural wonders: 18 of the most majestic libraries in the world

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 15/ Parliament Library, Ottawa, Canada

The Parliament Library in Ottawa dates back to 1871 and is used by legislators to do their research.  The library’s collections and services as spread over several branches.  Its historical headquarters, which opened in 1876 is still operating, and is located on parliament hill in Ottawa.  The last remains of the parliament were destroyed in 1916 by a fire.  Now the library is considered a national symbol and is shown on 10 Canadian dollar notes.

bibliothèques nationales
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16/ Monastery Library of  Saint Florian, Austria

The incredible baroque style library, at the centre of the Saint Florain Abbey in Austria, has a majestic painted ceiling and is home to enormous shelves of books.

monastère saint florian
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17/ Strahov Monastery Library , Prague, Czech Republic

Hidden in the heart of the Strahov Monastery in Prague you can find a magnificent baroque library of the same name.

El escorial
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18/ Royal San Lorenzo El Escorial Library, Spain

San Lorenzo El Escorial is a gigantic place that serves multiple purposes.  It is a monastery, palace, college and library.  The complex is located a few kilometres from Madrid and was the former residence for the Kings of Spain.  The Royal library was the source of diplomatic tensions between Spain and Morocco after Sultan Zaidan El-Nasir’s precious collection was seized several centuries ago…

 El escurial
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