Advent Calendar: 20 stunning ideas to make yourself

Crédits : iStock

8/ Suspended gifts

You can make a hanging advent calendar just like some alternative Christmas tree ideas.


9/ Simple envelopes

Simple ideas are often the most effective. Here is the proof!


10/ Boxes to make a Christmas tree form

This advent calendar is a large scale piece of art. Stick boxes on top of one another and put little treats inside. You can make it into the form of a Christmas tree!


11/ A reconstructed town

You could almost confuse this advent calendar with a creche!


12/ A tree village

This tree houses no less that 24 little cabins on it’s branches! Give height to your advent calendar.


13/ Gondolas

You will need have deft hands if you want to recreate this stunning advent calendar. Do you think you’d be able to do it?


14/ Cylindrical Santa Claus’

One cup later and you’ll have a homemade Santa. You don’t have to go for the classic. Instead you could try blue to be more original. It will not disappoint!