Advent Calendar: 20 stunning ideas to make yourself

Crédits : iStock

We often think about an advent calendar that is made of cardboard with little squares of chocolate inside each door. This is the classic calendar that you can buy at the supermarket every year. However with just a little imagination you can easily come up with a more original idea that is personalised to your tastes. Here are 20 beautiful ideas, some more creative than others!

Jars, decorated envelopes, recycled jeans or floating gifts, there are infinite possibilities when it comes to making your own advent calendar. It can be a real change to the outdated calendars that you can buy in the supermarket. What’s more you can choose your favourite chocolates to put into each box! Have a look at these 20 advent calendars to get inspiration!

1/ Nut shell surprises

You can slip chocolates, kind words, quotes inside this festive nut shell. This is great if you are looking for a natural advent calendar.


2/ Prettily decorated jars

Pretty jars labeled with numbers of the advent calendar. You can put whatever you fancy inside whether it is inspirational proverbs, sugary or savoury treats, photos… you are free to get creative!


3/ Jeans filled with presents

Recycle an old pair of holey jeans and sew on some extra pockets where you can put little goodies inside!


4/ Personalised Mugs

Here is an original advent calendar! Latté lovers will love this idea. Unless they discover another type of treat under the lid…


5/ Numbered socks

A simple calendar to make that is quick and effective. Not very expensive to make you can even use up your odd socks that you have lying around!


6/ Coloured cups

Hang coloured cups to the wall making sure to seal them with tissue paper.


7/ An aligned picture

An almost perfectly alighted picture of presents! Look at the precision.