Adorable animals: 15 picture perfect moments that’ll make you smile

Credit: Pinterest screenshots: Julian Rad via

We can sometimes read the expressions on wild animals like an open book. What’s more their expressions often resemble human emotions. Here are 15 shots of adorable animals as they are caught in an expressive moment. They will surely make you smile!

What can animals feel? Do they have a sense for injustice, compassion, pleasure or shame? According to the German forester Peter Wohlleben, and author of “The Secret Life of Animals”, both wild and domestic animals can feel a whole range of emotions just like humans. There 15 shots can give us an idea of what these animals are thinking. Forget all your preconceived ideas about animals as they are more expressive than you might think! A big thanks to Julian Rad, who must have had a lot of patience to take these fantasic photographs…

1/ Surprised rodent

“Yeesss, I’ve found my nut!” You can just imagine what this adorable rodent is thinking.

2/ Happy fox

This handsome fox seems to be particularly happy about something! Who said that animals can’t smile?

3/ A stretching squirrel

“All this effort is going to be rewarded!” Will this squirrel mange to eat this appetising nut? At least it can’t say it didn’t try!

4/ Moment of meditative tenderness

This little rodent seems to appreciating mother nature and the sweet scents of the flowers that surround it. We should all follow its example!

5/ A fox with strong senses

This fox takes pleasure in smelling the fresh snow on its snout. There is nothing better! Animals can also have moments that they take pleasure in.