9 ways of holding your cigarette (or e-cigarette) and what it says about you

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Tell me how you hold your cigarette, and I’ll tell you who you are! We bet you never heard that one! However, the way you brandish your cigarette, e-cigarette or rolly between each puff can tell a lot about your personality. Don’t believe us? Read the following before making up your mind…

1/ Between your index and your middle finger

The classic smoker’s position, and the most common. It doesn’t give much away about your personality, except that you’re proud to be a smoker! Not a great claim to fame, that… Consider vaping, to start you on the path to giving up for good…. A good electronic cigarette will be less harmful….

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2/ Between your middle finger and your ring finger

Do you hold your cigarette at the tips of your fingers, between your middle finger and your ring finger? Between delicacy and discomfort, all the same you have an unbreakable self assurance. Opposites will be naturally attracted to you.

3/ Deeply buried between the thumb and the index finger

Do you hid your cigarette in the palm of your hand, as if it was raining cats and dogs? This manner of holding your cigarette or e-cigarette will be useful if you live in the UK or Ireland! It’s one way of protecting it from the rain, just allowing the filter to peep out. However, if you hold it this way in fine weather, you could appear as if you have something to hide.

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4/ Near the knuckles between your index and middle fingers

Do you hold your cigarette with your hand completely unfolded, well wedged down low between your index finger and your middle finger? You could have an intellectual side. And the practical aspect: it is easier to smoke and type at the same time!

5/ Between the tip of your thumb and the tip of your index finger

A position that reveals the way in which you like to make life comfortable for yourself: a cigarette between the tip of your thumb and your index finger, which allows your other fingers to rest. You are original and like to do things properly, one at a time.

6/ Between the tip of your thumb and the base of your index finger

Your fingers are curled, and your cigarette is delicately posed between the tip of your thumb and the lower part of your index finger: you like provocation and rock music, and you appear very sure of yourself. Your (quiet) strength is the self assurance of experienced people who have seen and lived  through a great deal.

7/ Between the middle finger, the thumb and the index finger

You smoke a little nervously, not because you are stressed, but because you are short on time. Your hand covers your cigarette, whose heat could burn a hole in your hand if you don’t stub it out quickly!

8/ Between the bases of the middle finger and ring finger

A stability that allows you to smoke or vape in any given situation. Your hand open, your cigarette is posed in an assured fashion between the bases of your middle and ring fingers. You are hard worker who is never distracted from their task.

9/ At the corner of your mouth

A sailor’s technique that doesn’t work for everyone! If you have this habit, it means you are most likely a skilled person, with impressive levels of self control!

Credits: Pexels

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