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7 bosses who fired their staff in crazy ways!

6/ A boss who fired one of his employees in front of everyone during a video conference

In 2013, the boss of AOL fired an employee who was taking photos during his speech on the meaning of values. Given that the employee didn’t stop taking pictures, the manager announced right in the middle of the meeting, “you’re fired, right away”. Everyone thought it was a joke, including the employee in question, except that it certainly wasn’t. The employee received the letter of confirmation the following day!

Credits : Pexels

7/ A boss consulted his employees, asking them to vote for or against firing one of their colleagues

An insensitive technique that was used by an American boss, asking the opinions of the employees about the quality of work of the accountant he wanted to fire. A secret vote was organised, which led to the dismissal. The poor accountant!

8/ A boss who fired all his employees, and then re-hired them for a lower salary

An effective way of lowering costs: fire your employees and then re-hire them (if they are not too hurt by the whole affair) for minimal costs! It was an English firm who had this idea, and who fired all of their employees, taking them back on again with a salary cut of 5.4%….

9/ A boss who moved his factory without notifying the employees

Around fifteen employees in a French company were surprised to discover their factory completely empty. It had been emptied overnight….The employees received a letter of dismissal afterwards. It would be hard to find shabbier conduct….

Credits : Pexels

10/ A boss fired an employee when she announced she was having a baby

The woman was employed by a French company and learned of her dismissal as soon as her boss heard that she was pregnant…. An illegal practice which could well end up in the tribunals…