20 years to build their own self-sufficient island, shown in 13 incredible pictures!

For those who dream of living in nature or totally self-sufficiently, here is a story that should inspire you!

A couple of Canadian artists, Wayne Adams and Catherine King, wanted to build a house on the water and then turn it into a small, self-sufficient island. It has been 20 years since they started this project and today they produce their own food and energy. This little corner of paradise in the heart of nature is located in Tofino, British Columbia. Here is a short photo summary of this long, but incredible construction:

1991 — The start of the project

1992 — The main house is starting to take shape

1993 —House completed after 2 years of work. Already very pretty and it is not finished!

1998 — New platforms are added to consider the self-sufficiency of the construction with even a small port!

2010 — The construction finally looks like an island, it grew well huh?

2015 — This house has finally become a real village with several greenhouses, a lighthouse, solar panels and even an art gallery!