18 Husbands who have a good sense of humour

How to make fun of your household tasks and add your sense of humour

For better and for worse, that is what you sign up for when you say “I do” at the alter. Marriage is not something to be taken lightly. Though your patience can be pushed when you husband transforms a simple chore into a moment for him to have a little fun and turn into a comedian. Would your husband be cheeky like these 18 hubby’s who have had a little fun?

1/When you ask your husband to fold the laundry

Unfortunately you have returned to find that he hasn’t made much of an effort.

Cradnee — Reddit

2/ This is what happens when your husband goes to the supermarket

He clearly went by the ice cream aisle and saw a promotion.

2workigo — Reddit

3/ When you leave him in charge of the kids

Letting the kids do what they want and making sure that they tell no one!

HabitantsFan — Reddit

4/ When you ask him to put some spaghetti on the hob

He does exactly what you ask him to do, and nothing more!

Wendy Rollins — Twitter

5/ When he prepares your lunch

Drunked food preparation can make for an interesting meal

twoforjoy — Reddit

6/ When you ask your husband to hang the bathroom mirror

Knowing he is taller than you, maybe you should have been more precise about what height he should install it!