18 hilarious hacks that some wacky people have found to solve their daily problems

7/ Heat your sandwich

Using the power supplies to slowly heat up your sandwich whilst you are at work

8/ Fix a sock hole with a pen

Don’t throw away your sock that has a hole near the toe! Simply colouring in your nail with a marker pen, the same colour as your sock.

9/ An iron to heat pizza

This ingenious pizza lover has a brilliant imagination! This could be a problem for the housekeeping staff of this hotel.

10/A way to keep an eye on your baby

Trying to get on with the household chores but you are finding it difficult with a baby under your feet? Do not bother to carry him from one room to another, attach him to a bed leg.

11/ An optimized cake package

Each compartment of this cookies packaging has its utility: the last one has even been reserved to soak them in milk!

12/ A smartphone shell in clingfilm

Why bother investing in an overpriced cover when you have everything you need at home?