17 things you can do in various countries to avoid looking like a tourist

Local habits are different in every country. If in France they tend to air kiss people when they meet them, this doesn’t tend to wash in the UK or in the US, where we are much more comfortable with a simple handshake! Or the hazardous differences in tipping on different sides of the Atlantic. Here are a few tips to avoid making yourself too conspicuous! !

1/ Don’t use an umbrella when it rains in Portland

If you take your your umbrella when the weather takes a turn for the worse in Portland in the United States, you won’t be long being spotted for a tourist! And why? The locals generally brave the elements in a rain coat.

Credits : Pexels

2/ Don’t whistle while indoors in Moscow

Whistling indoors is seen very badly in the Russian capital: in fact, this is supposed to get rid of good luck…. Your disguise will be foiled!

Credits : Pixabay

3/ Don’t buy chewing gum in Singapore

Buying chewing gum is illegal in Singapore, so don’t even think about it! You can get a huge fine, or worse.

Credits : Pexels

4/ Don’t wear a suit in San Francisco to go to work, or even to go for a job interview

Wearing a suit to work or even to an interview in San Francisco signifies several things: either you want to sell something, or you are not a local! Swap your blazer for an old hoodie! Mark Zuckerberg is sure to agree….

Credits : Pexels

5/ Don’t order a full English breakfast in England.

Although, you will be well fed…. But no, it’s not exactly our daily breakfast. For those of us who don’t want early heart attacks anyway!

Credits : Pexels