17 modes of transport from the most toxic to the most green -you could be surprised!

A “green” list from which no one is spared

In terms of pollution, modes of transport can be a real game changer: taking the bicycle once a week, car-sharing to go on holidays or sacrificing comfort from time to time to use public transport and do your good deed for the day can make a big difference. Here is a list of the modes of transport from the most to the least toxic to the environment. It’s not always what you might have thought…..

17/ The 4 x 4

With 250 g of CO2/km, large four-by-fours are high on environmentalists hit-lists!

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16/ Autogas (LPG) cars

An average sized Autogas car, or a car run on Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), consumes around 188 g of CO2/km.

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15/ Air travel for for regional flights

Air travel is one of the most polluting means of transport of all time. For a regional or national flight, a plane consumes around 145 g of CO2/km.

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14/ Petrol cars

An average sized petrol car consumes around 135 g of CO2/km.

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13/ The bus

Even if it’s lauded for being an eco-friendly mode of transport, the bus, on its own, consumes 130 g of CO2/km. Obviously, if it’s full, you can divide the environmental ‘cost’ between the number of people on the bus, who have left their cars, motorbikes and scooters at home…

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