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17 incredible facts you never knew about the world

7/ Horses can’t vomit

Instead, they get fatal colic. How better to pay more attention during meals!

Credits: Pexels

8/ Dead people can still have orgasms

Incredible but true: by oxygenating the sacral nerve of a dead body, it can have an orgasm. One last hurrah?

Credits: Pixabay

9/ A day on Venus is longer than a year on Venus

Try and figure that one out! The explanation: it takes around 243 Earth days for Venus to turn fully on its axis, and only 225 days for it to make a full orbit of the sun….

Credits: Pixabay

10/ Whales once had paws and could walk

The ancestor of the whale was a four legged animal (an even-toed ungulate, or artiodactyla), perfectly adapted for running for kilometers on end. Modern day artiodactyla include cows, pigs, camels, giraffes and hippopotami.


11/ Canada has more lakes than all the rest of the world

Canada in fact has 31,190 lakes of over 3 kilometers squared, and even more smaller ones.

Credits: Pexels

12/ There are no less than 61,000 people in the airspace above the USA at any given moment

Crowded planes fly all day long through the American skies. Incredible but true.

Screenshot: SYMPA/YouTube