16 people having a really bad day!

Either we’re lucky or we’re not. Although that can be a matter of perspective. If you think you have it bad after having been stuck in traffic for hours on end, delaying you from collecting your impatient children from school who are going crazy from boredom, you’re a long way off the mark! The people on this list seem a little more ambitious when it comes to bad luck and such like! See for yourself….

1/ A swarm of bees covering your car doors

The exit is bound to be tricky…


2/ A sign that hasn’t considered everybody….


3/ I think we might have a leak….

This leak looks like something out of Aliens vs Predator! It almost makes you want to burst it like a balloon! But the floods wouldn’t be long coming…


4/ The art of weightlessness

A rescue mission coming just at the right time for these terrified tourists…


5/ An unfortunate parcel

Good aim!


6/ A granny who had better stay seated

The signs on the footpath didn’t deter her on her mission for a little rest! At least the paint marks will match her outfit…