16 different ways to greet depending on the country

6/ A loud hello, USA

In the country of Uncle Sam, they say hello vocally, avoiding all human contact.

7/ Offer a scarf, Mongolia

In Mongolia, it is usual to offer a scarf, the “hada”, in sign of greeting.

8/ Eskimo kisses, Greenland

It is not for nothing that this rubbing of the nose is called “Eskimo kiss”: the populations of the igloos would have the habit of warming their noses to greet one another!

9/ Prayer sign, Thaïland

Hands joined together as if to pray, the Thai are very respectful. Be careful not to raise your hands too high (above the head) or it would be considered an insulting gesture.

Welcome to Thailand

10/ Palms against the heart, Malaisia

Malaysian greeting consists of touching the fingers and then placing their palms against their heart.