16 different ways to greet depending on the country

Not everyone greets in the same way around the world.

No, not everyone gives each other a kiss on the cheek when they say hello. Not everyone knows the businessman’s handshake. If physical contact is common in Latin countries, in other countries they greet in a completely different way. If you are about to go travelling it is probably best you check through this list of the 16 ways to greet each other, depending on where you are.

1/ Hands together, India

Join your hands as a sign of prayer and lift them close to your face by declaring “Namaste”.

2/ Sticking your tongue out, Tibet

Before greeting, the Tibetans stick out their tongue slightly. This is to show that they do not have the black tongue, characteristic of a tyrannical Tibetan king of the 9th century.

3/ Tapping the shoulder, Greece

In the land of Greek mythology you tap the shoulder (gently) as you shake hands

4/ Rubbing noses, Saudi Arabia

Strange ritual with this greeting: a handshake followed by a rubbing of the nose. “Evidently”, this is only for the encounter between two men.

5/ Jump in the air, Kenya

To introduce a new member, the warriors of the Masai tribe form a circle and jump as high as possible.