15 practical money saving tips to get you to the end of the month!

11/ Make scratches on wood disappear with a walnut

It’s crazy what you can do with a little walnut! Rub a walnut to any scratches on wooden surfaces and watch them disappear as if by magic!

Screenshot: Brico Sympa/YouTube

12/ Use wine corks to make pads for the legs of your chairs

Instead of buying vacuum foam pads, slice a few wine corks and stick them under any chairs that scrape.

Screenshot: Brico Sympa/YouTube

13/ Stop buying glass cleaner

With just a teabag that you have left infuse in a bowl of water, you can clean your mirrors and windows more effectively than ever! Strain it and transfer it into a spray container.

Screenshot: Brico Sympa/YouTube

14/ Plug up a hole in the wall with a little toothpaste

Have you inserted a nail in the wrong place? Make up for your poor aim with a home made solution! By applying a little white toothpaste to the area, you can erase all traces of your clumsiness! Don’t forget to smooth it out with a credit card. A tip to avoid having to buy expensive putty.

Screenshot: Brico Sympa/YouTube

15/ Recycle your children’s broken wax crayons

Is your desk littered with the ends of broken pieces of crayons, that the kids are reluctant to use? Break them into pieces and put them into a silicone mold. Place it in the oven so they melt, and next leave them to cool. You’ll be left with new crayons that are much easier to use!

Screenshot: Brico Sympa/YouTube
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