15 practical money saving tips to get you to the end of the month!

6/ Don’t bother buying new high heels when yours are damaged

Are the heels of your sequined pumps all scratched? Don’t be so quick to throw them out, you could regret it! Make a mixture of glitter and glue, and apply it with a brush, to give your old shoes a new lease of life!

Screenshot: Brico Sympa/YouTube

7/  Don’t throw out old pilled jumpers

Has your jumper pilled horribly, making it look old and shabby? Don’t rush out to the shops, all you need is to get rid of the pill by rubbing a razor blade over the affected areas.

Screenshot: Brico Sympa/YouTube

8/ Make your own natural odour-eater

The de-odorising products we find in the supermarkets are often very expensive and also very chemical. However, there is nothing simpler than making your own. Take a little sheet of silk (or just a small bowl) and insert around 7 dessertspoons of used coffee grounds. Tie the ends with an elastic and put it in the fridge. This should get rid of bad odours for good!

Screenshots: Brico Sympa/YouTube

9/ Make your white trainers rain proof with a candle

Remove the wick and the metallic support from a night light candle and rub the wax all over the material of your white canvas trainers. Give them a blast of a hair dryer in order to set the wax. Keep your feet warm and dry for almost no cost!

Screenshot: Brico Sympa/YouTube

10/ Restore your wooden surfaces with a teabag

Infuse a teabag in a bowl of lukewarm water. Soak the end of a cloth and dab the wooden surface you would like to restore. It will come out restored and beautiful! You can also spray the tea mix onto your green plants to repel insects.

Screenshot: Brico Sympa/YouTube