15 practical money saving tips to get you to the end of the month!

Whether we earn a little or a lot of money, we are always looking for good and clever ways to make little savings. Because once all the bills are paid and the daily expenses accounted for, there isn’t always much left in the bank account. Here are a few practical tips to help you avoid building up debts. No better way to have a little left over at the end of the month!

1/ Fill up with petrol early in the morning

All petrol stations have their tanks buried in the ground, and as the ground is colder in the mornings, the petrol inside contracts to take up less space. During the day, the ground heats up and the fuel expands again: if you fill up in the afternoon or evening, your fuel won’t take you as far. Change your routine!

Screenshot: Le TOP des astuces/YouTube

2/ Reduce your water bills

Flush the toilet and remove the lid of your cistern, so that you can place a brick or a bottle completely filled with water inside. Replace the lid and relieve yourself as normal, forgetting all about the ingenious device you have installed. After a few weeks, you will notice that your water bills have reduced.

Screenshots: Brico Sympa/YouTube

3/ Grow more green veg from waste veg products

Here is a magic tip for you: grow your own food when you have nearly run out! Instead of throwing away the roots of lettuce that you have cut out so as not to ruin your sandwiches, put the root and a few leaves into a glass of water and grow them as you would a green plant. Don’t forget to water and replant them. A little plant pot on the terrace should do the trick.

Screenshot: Brico Sympa/YouTube

4/ Make your own leather treatment product

Have your leather boots seen better days? We know how important it is to look after them, but we also know how expensive the products are in the shops. However, nothing could be easier (or more natural) than making your own: mix 1/2 a glass of olive oil and 1/4 glass of white vinegar together in a bowl. Apply this mixture with a fine sponge to leather shoes and boots.

Screenshot: Brico Sympa/YouTube

5/ Make a hat or gloves from an old jumper

Your old jumpers have more than one trick up their sleeves: as well as saving you money, they can also keep your extremities warm! Cut the pattern of the hat or gloves you want from the jumper, and with a little basic sewing to connect the pieces, the job is done! (See the video at the end of the article for more details).

Screenshot: Brico Sympa/YouTube