15 photos to make you see double! And all without Photoshop

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It rarely happens that we encounter two doppelgangers of the one person. A bug in the matrix, in a manner of speaking. However, certain amateur photographers have managed to capture the impossible – here are 15 photos that are 100% authentic – no Photoshopping in sight!

If stumbling upon your clothing double isn’t much more than an amusing surprise (high street chains having the same stock in cities all over), on the other hand, finding yourself face to face with your perfect double can come as a real shock! It’s the same when you see more than three people with the same hair cut. These 15 incredible photos are sure to make you think you are seeing double!

1/ Music students

These three young blondes seem to have some sort of a shared agreement!

2/ Identical travellers

A bug in the matrix?

3/ Seven same hairstyles

These passengers look like they planned this on purpose! If you think you are seeing double, you are surely not the only one!

4/ Finding her doppelganger in the crowd

This young woman was at a match when she found her exact double in the crowd…. A coincidence that doesn’t happen every day.

5/ Four identical passengers

You would almost think they were clones!