Calling all cat owners… Here are 15 great reasons to buy a glass table!

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Are you the happy owner of a fluffy kitten but have not yet invested in a glass table? Well you should perhaps think about decorating your living room with one just so you can see what your cat can do! Here are 15 funny cats contorting their bodies into unbelievable shapes to give you an idea of what you kitty could be capable of… They will have you rolling on the floor laughing!

Cats are amazing creatures. These little balls of fluff can be imposing regardless of their size. Their strong-willed character, elusive manners, nonchalant behaviour and haughty nature sets cats apart from other domestic animals. However, despite their serious characteristics, cats can be absolutely hilarious as they can always surprise you… especially when confronted with a glass table!

1/ Crushed cat

When seen through a glass table this cat looks as flat as a pancake! However it doesn’t seem bothered in the slightest.

2/ Half-flattened cat

Seen from below this cat takes on a whole new dimension.

3/ Peek-a-boo

“Hey, hey I didn’t see you!”

4/ Hairy view

Children won’t get bored of this sight!

5/ One grimace and your off again

This cat seems to be poking fun at it’s owner through the glass table.