15 Facts you don’t know about Trump

11/ He has five children from 3 different women

His first wife was Ivana Zelnickova with whom he had Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric. They divorced in 1992. Then he married Marla Maples with whom he had Tiffany. His last wife, his current wife is Melani whom he married in 2005 and they have a son called Barron, who is the youngest in the family.

12/ He has his own star on Hollywood Boulevard

Since 2007, the US president has his own star on Hollywood Boulevard. During his campaign, his star was vandalised several times.

13/ He has two nicknames

Donald Trump has two nicknames that are DJT, which means Donald John Trump (his full name) and “The Donald”.

14/ He organises different beauty pageants

The 45th President of the United States is the executive producer of beauty contests Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe since 1996.

15/ The Trump family has a board game

A game called “The Game” was launched in 2004 bearing the likeness of the Trump family. Appearing in 1989, the goal of the game is to manage an imaginary real estate business while crushing the competition.

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