15 Facts you don’t know about Trump

6/ He has appeared in numerous films and tv shows

In Home Alone, Kevin McCallister asks him for directions in the corridors of the Plaza Hotel in New York, a hotel which he owned at the time. You can also see him in the series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air but also in  Spin City, Sex and the City, Sabrina the teenage witch, Zoolander…

7/ His hair is real

Many surfers are tirelessly laughing at Trump’s mop. What you need to know is that it is indeed his real hair and not a wig!

8/ He loves talking about himself

This is not surprising. Donald Trump likes to talk about himself a lot! For the launch of his campaign, in his speech, in June 2015, he pronounced the word “I” 207 times.

9/ A personal fortune of more than 10 billion dollars

The money comes from real estate, including its golf courses and the Trump Tower in Manhattan, but also from the hotel and reality show “The Apprentice”.

10/ He scared Princess Diana

This is what Princess Diana told a BBC presenter at a dinner. The Princess was harassed by Trump who wanted to conquer her but never succeeded. On the death of the princess, the president would have even admitted that his greatest regret was “not to have had any connection with her”.