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15 completely absurd European laws

Over the years, many laws have emerged in all European countries. Not always the most logical and sometimes even completely absurd, some have existed for centuries and still exist today. Here are the top 15 of the most astonishing or absurd laws still in force.

1) In Switzerland it is forbidden to flush the loo after 10pm

Calm and tranquility is important. And apparently, this is no joking matter in Switzerland, as it is forbidden to flush the toilet after 10pm.

Credit: Hellocasa

2) In France it is forbidden to call your pig Napoleon

It may be a very nice name, but sorry to tell you, you risk big by calling your little pig Napoleon. This law was issued to prevent any mockery of the Emperor.

Credit : Wikimedia Commons

3) In Italy men are not allowed to wear skirts

If they wear one, they risk getting arrested or face a fine, not like the Scots!

Credit : Public Domain Pictures

4) In Denmark you can legally escape prison

Though if you get caught you have to return to prison and stay there.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

5) An Englishman has the right to kill a Scot, if he has a bow and arrow

This law is still in force in the old city of York, but we are not sure that it is used very often…

Credit : Wikimedia Commons