15 clever ways to create space in your home

Are you a little tight for space in your apartment, which is starting to seem smaller and smaller? Because when your family grows, it is very easy to start to feel cramped. But that can be easily solved, if first, you sell some of your superfluous furniture, and second, you have a look at these clever space-saving tips!

1/ Store your books under the stairs

This will help you avoid accumulating large libraries full of dust gatherers.


2/ Make the most of your corners with shelving

There is no better way of optimising a small interior space.


3/ Hang towel racks on the back of your bathroom door

A way of saving space and money!


4/ Hang large mirrors to create the illusion of space

To give the illusion that your studio apartment goes on forever!


5/ Hang a hammock from a very high ceiling

And enjoy a relaxation room in the blink of an eye!