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15 of the most bizarre phobias in the world

6/ Phobophobia: the fear of fear

Phobophobia is not just any phobia, it’s the phobia of having a phobia!

Credits: Pixabay

7/ Butyrophobia: fear of butter

Being afraid of butter is not a common phobia, but it exists nonetheless.

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8/ Coulrophobia: fear of clowns

Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns. This phobia is becoming increasingly common. It’s true that certain clowns are more scary than funny -we can kind of see where children are coming from!

Credits: Pexels

9/ Flatulophobia: fear of flatulence

As the name suggests, this is a fear of passing gas.

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10/ Papetoletophobia: fear of toilet paper

A phobia that could make everyday life a little tricky: papetoletophobia, or the fear of toilet paper! Maybe consider moving to India….

Credits: Wikimedia Commons