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15 of the most bizarre phobias in the world

Fear of flying, spiders or reptiles is one thing -a bit debilitating in everyday life, but not an insurmountable problem, depending on where you live in the world. On the other hand, being pantophobic (afraid of everything), katagelophobic (afraid of being ridiculed) or even stasiphobic (afraid of standing up) are slightly less common, but sure to be much more difficult to live with on a day to day basis. Here are a few that will have your jaw dropping!

1/ Pantophobia: fear of everything

Pantophobia is fear gone to the extremes. It is in essence a fear of everything. Absolutely everything. Even a little breadcrumb left on your kitchen counter-top. That’s gotta be hard to live with.

Credits: Pixabay

2/ Pediophobia: fear of dolls

Pediophobia is a deathly fear of dolls. Yes, you heard us, dolls. Regardless of the type -blow up dolls, barbie dolls, mannequins, baby dolls, etc.

Credits: Pexels

3/ Katagelophobia: fear of ridicule

A very exotic name for simply being afraid people might ridicule you.

Credits: Flickr

4/ Stasiphobia: fear of staying standing

Stasiphobia is an irrational fear of having to stay upright.

Credits: Pexels

5/ Tetraphobia, the fear of the number 4

Being tetraphobic means being afraid of the number 4. It is frightening, now that you mention it…

Credits: Pixabay