14 ways to drive any parent round the twist!

Playing tricks is to children what chocolate is to dieters: irresistible! And for the happy parents, they’re in for fits of laughter, as long as the pranks stay within the bounds of what’s acceptable. Which isn’t always the case when it comes to the younger generation, who have the irritating habit of going a bit too far, either knowingly or unwittingly. Here are a few little (and bigger) ‘angels’ who have their parents tied up in knots, in one way or the other!

1/ Replacing the family photos with celebrity snaps

2/ Testing out all the apples, just to make sure they’re good

3/ A little play on words can go a long way

4/ Taking things literally

5/ Rover’s lucky day

6/ Replacing your cigarettes with coloured crayons

Anxiety attack guaranteed!

7/ Finding the secret stash