14 good reasons to love being bald

6/ You have better chances of getting rich

If you are a little on the superstitious side, this claim should be to your liking: according to the Wall Street Journal, bald men have higher chances of succeeding financially…

Credits: Pexels

7/ You have no more fears about losing your hair

Because it’s already happened! Practical, that…

8/ You look like a star

You’re not alone: a whole host of celebs are in the zero blade camp. And it’s a fairly sexy camp at that: Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and Vin Diesel, to name but a few!

Screenshot: True Hero/YouTube

9/ You have very few chances of catching head lice

These sly little beasties won’t be able to hide in your non-existent mop!

10/ You can wear all the wigs you like

And change your look like you change your shirt! Without having to worry about arranging your hair under it.