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14 bizarre facts you won’t be able to believe are true

In life there are two types of people: people who believe everything they hear, and people who are skeptical of even what they see with their own eyes. So which category do you belong to? How would you react if you heard that human DNA is similar in many ways to a banana’s? Or that a whale’s heart is big enough to swim in? Here are 14 incredible but true facts that will amaze you!

1/ There are more plastic pink flamingos in the world than there are real ones

We’re not sure why, but it’s a fact…

Credits: Pexels

2/ Only one country separates Finland and North Korea

Although they are far away (6,873 km to be exact), they are still second-next-door neighbours! So the country in between is Russia, but all the same….

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3/ Half of human DNA is similar to that of a banana

Does eating them make us half cannibals?

Credits: Pexels

4/ A blue whale’s heart is so big that a human could swim in it

A man could easily swim in a blue whale’s arteries if he so chose. (Although why he might so choose is quite another matter). This animal’s heart weighs around 600 kg, to facilitate circulation of 10,000 litres of blood.

5/ In the US, there are more accidents with drinks dispensers than there are shark attacks

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, around fifteen people have been crushed by trying to get drinks out of dispensers. Per year, that is more people than were attacked by sharks. The poor sharks get a bad rep!

Credits: Pexels