14 Most beautiful castles and fortresses in the world

The architects of the Middle Ages built architectural masterpieces, magnificent castles that demonstrated not only the wealth of their owners, but also allowed to defend large territories for many years.

1. Reichsburg Cochem, Germany

Originally a millennial castle, it was the residence of German King Conrad III and later King Louis XIV of France. The castle was burnt by the French in 1689 and fell into oblivion. A German businessman bought the remains of the fortress in 1868 and invested a large part of his fortune in the restoration of the castle. In 1942, the castle passed into the public domain. It belongs to the city of Cochem since 1978.


2. Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France

The impregnable castle of Mont-Saint-Michel is surrounded on all sides by the sea. Every year many pilgrimages to the abbey are made from all of northern Europe. 

© Rudy Denoyette
© Rudy Denoyette

3. The Hochosterwitz Castle, Austira

The castle of Hochosterwitz (in German: Burg Hochosterwitz) is considered one of the most impressive medieval castles of Austria built in the 9th century. It is located on a 160m high peak. The castle is one of the most visited monuments of this state and can be seen from 30 km away on a clear day.

4. The Bled Castle, Slovénia

Bled castle (Slovenian: Blejski grad) is a medieval castle built on a hundred meter cliff. It overlooks Lake Bled and is one of the main tourist attractions of the country. This castle was the residence of the Serbian royal dynasty and later of Marshal Josip Broz Tito.

© nordfold
© nordfold

5. Hohenzollern Castle, Germany

The Castle of Hohenzollern (German: Burg Hohenzollern) is a castle located about 50 kilometers south of Stuttgart, Germany. It is considered the ancestral fiefdom of the royal and imperial family of the Hohenzollerns. This neo-gothic castle is located at an altitude of 855 meters above sea level. At its peak, the castle in the fortress was considered the seat of the Prussian emperors.