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13 facts that sound false but are actually true!

Did you know that your chances of dying from thirst in the desert are much less than your chances of drowning? That mosquitoes don’t feed on blood, or that the mushroom is not a plant but an animal in its own right? These claims are in fact scientifically proven. Read the following explanations to better understand these incredible but true facts!

1/ You are more likely to drown in the desert than die of thirst

If the popular image of the desert is vast stretches of dry, hot sand, in fact, torrential rains are also common, which can sweep you away with them.

Credits : Pexels

2/ Ostriches do not bury their heads in the sand when they are afraid

No, the ostrich is not that ridiculous an animal. If they are threatened by a predator, they can run at speeds up to 90 kmph, so why would they bother digging a hole! That said, they can also react to a threat by playing dead, putting their heads on the ground, which may explain the common urban legend.

Credits : Pixabay

3/ The tin can was invented well before the tin opener

40 years beforehand, to be precise…

Credits : Pixabay

4/ The last execution by guillotine in France was carried out in 1977

Hamida Djandoubi was the last person to be condemned to death by guillotine in France. The Tunisian was sentenced for the torture and murder of a young woman.

Credits : Wikipedia

5/ Mushrooms are animals

Real mushrooms are close relations of animals, while pseudo-mushrooms are closer to plants.

Credits : Pexels

6/ New York is situated further south than Rome

And yet, it often snows in Central Park!

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7/ Water in solid form is lighter than in liquid form

A strange phenomenon, because as a general rule, matter is denser when it is solid than when it is liquid. But there is an exception to this rule: water. Ice is in fact less dense and therefore lighter than water.

Credits : Pexels