13 amazing facts about planes, to reassure anyone with a fear of flying

8/ You have a 69% chance of surviving a plane crash if you are seated towards the back of the plane

So you can stop complaining when you find yourself seated by the toilets. The best place is not in fact the front, nor is it at the wings, but at the back of the plane. Which is where you tend to find yourself when you book late, so why not!

Credits: Pixabay

9/ For just one passenger to die, 1 billion passengers need to travel 16 km by plane

Over the same distance, 2 people on trains, 3 on buses, 50 in cars and 783 motorists would already have been killed.

10/ Planes go through intense testing before they take to the skies

While your bus, car or bicycle is only tested once every year or two!

Credits: Pexels

11/ The number of commercial flights has trebled in 40 years, while the number of crashes is constantly getting smaller

Thanks to endlessly evolving technology.

12/ The fear of flying affects 20 to 30% of the population

Making around one person in four. So at least you’re not alone!

Credits: Pexels

13/ There is a blacklist of dangerous airlines

This is easily accessed online, and by consulting it, you can even further reduce your chances of being in an accident! So bon voyage!