The 12 Worst jobs in the world

There is no silly business…

All work merits a salary and more certain than others. It is all very well to say that working at Mac Donald’s or being a cashier in a supermarket means having missed your opportunity in life, and you can imagine that there are jobs that are far more ungrateful. Here is a brief overview.

1/ Armpit smeller

Did you know that this bizarre job of sniffing the armpits of perfect strangers is to test the effectiveness of a deodorant? Odd for a job, but for £4000 per month (a sniffer could win up to £60 000  per year), so it is actually a good job earner

2/ Loo tester

Often voted the worst profession in the world, the toilet tester does not have to have a big bladder! As its name indicates, the role is to test the proper functioning of the toilets. To do this, you drop false droppings to fill the bowl and make sure nothing is clogged. Nice!

3/ Clean road kill

Animals killed on the motorway, don’t disappear on their own, there has to be someone who goes and picks them up.

4/ Cat food tester

Obviously you can not expect a cat to test their future food! The tester for cats must ensure its freshness, texture and smell…