12 unusual facts sure to take you by surprise!

The world is so wide and its cultures are so varied that it is surely to be expected that certain customs in faraway lands take us by surprise. In the animal kingdom also, we can often be amused or at times even horrified by their habits and behaviours. Here are 12 unusual and rather amazing facts that will leave you speechless.

1/ Originally, the chainsaw was invented to help with childbirth

The chainsaw was invented at the end of the 16th century by two Scottish doctors. It was used to enlarge the pelvis during childbirth, as an alternative to a Caesarean. As you may imagine, it was a dangerous and very painful procedure…

Credits: Pixabay

2/ Otters sleep holding hands

To avoid drifting away from each other during their sleep. Too adorable!

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

3/ In Korea, they count the time the baby spends in the womb for calculating age

Meaning that a newborn isn’t a day old, but nine months and a day.

Credits: Pxhere

4/ In Brazil, you can read books to reduce your prison sentence.

Incredible but true. And maybe not such a bad idea!

Credits: Pixabay

5/ We shrink by one centimeter every ten years

After the age of thirty. It is due to the discs between the spinal vertebrae drying out, causing them to contract.


6/ Listening to music before going to bed can help you to fall asleep easier

It also helps you wake up less during the night and to sleep for longer. There’s nothing to lose by trying.

Credits: Pixnio