12 Incredible beaches that are unique

It’s always a good time for a holiday!

Summer may be over, but there is always time for a break in the sun!! If you are a beach lover, then this is the article for you!! If you are looking for a beach that is unique, different and breathtaking, you must visit these 12 beaches! Beaches with pink sand, full of shells, glass or beach fronts that are different to anywhere else!

1/ Beach with pink sand, Bermuda

Very rare, beaches with pink sand are due to erosion that makes mini pink shells or coral that transforms the sand to a pretty shade of pink. A beach that has a beautiful contrast to the turquoise sea.



2/ Glass beach, Fort Bragg, California

This beach is unique because it was made using recycled materials. Recently renovated this beach is covered in little polished glass pebbles.


3/ Shell Beach, Australie

It is not a beach made up of a few little shells, but a beach where there is no sand but billions of little white shells. Watch your feet!



4/ Red sand beach, Rabida, Galapagos

The astonishing colour of the sand on the Galapagos island is a result of the mix between volcanic rock and limestone rocks, shattered by the power of the waves.