Home truths: 12 funny phrases that tell it as it is


Some home truths are okay to say while other times it is best not to mention it.  Honesty and frankness are not easy qualities to have.  Even when you pick up on habits it is sometimes difficult to tell your friends and family these home truths to their face.  Hearing the truth can stay with you for a long time and can sometimes hurt!

Have you ever told somebody a few home truths? Sometimes this flash of frankness comes at the wrong moment and doesn’t come out in the way we would have liked. In day to day life it is not always easy to be honest, especially when people can be susceptible to hearing the truth.  Here are 12 funny and realistic sentences that will tell it as it is in your place!

1/ “OK: is a word that girls hate to receive but love to send when they are annoyed “

True not just for girls.

2/ “Immature: is a word that annoying people use to describe funny people”

Are you now reassured!

3/ “Find the person who will change your life and not just your Facebook status”

Making face as the perfect couple isn’t enough to be happy.

4/ “When leaving the supermarket without buying anything I always remind myself to remain calm,  you’re innocent…”

Why do we do this …  you haven’t even thought about nicking anything while you were in the shop!

5/ “I’m  going out tonight because I’m told I’m going to die one day”

Slightly macabre excuse for a party…

6/ “Little girls like dolls, little boys like soldiers.  Big girls like soldiers and big boys like dolls.”

Role swapping with age

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