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Cats and technology: 12 brilliant photos that show how tech has changed their lives

Certainly technology has haunted our lives. But not just ours. The daily life of our pets is also affected, and especially that of our dear felines. But not necessarily for the worst… Your kitty cat is often happy to sprawl out and sleep on the computer screen and keyboard. Welcome to the era of trendy felines! Here are 12 before-and-after pictures that show how technology has changed the lives of our little moggies.

1/ XXL TV vs flat screen

The warmth of the big TV you had been given by your grandmother was perfect for them to sleep on, but now with new flat screen TV’s, this practice has turned into an accident waiting to happen!

quand la technologie change la vie des chats (7)

2/ Yarn vs cables

The good old ball of wool has turned into rigid plastic cable. It was more fun before…

quand la technologie change la vie des chats (2)

3/ Books vs keyboards

Your little kitten loved rubbing on the new pages of your math book? Now it can boast about its typing abilities!

quand la technologie change la vie des chats (8)

4/ Mouse vs mouse

Previously a hunter of mice with sharp fangs, your little kitty has now become a mouse poacher… but the electronic kind!

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