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11 crazy inventions history forgot about

Humans can be incorrigible perfectionists. Whatever the era, people have always tried to improve things and improve their everyday lives, if not completely reinvent them. A bicycle is not enough, we have to add wings, wheels to roll on water or even a sewing machine! Or what about cigarette umbrellas, or wipers for your glasses?! Here are 11 unusual inventions which unfortunately (or fortunately!) have been long forgotten about!

1/ Amphibious cycle

This bicycle with wheels blown up like balloons looks like it came from another planet. However, it was presented in Paris at the colonial exposition in 1932. The Cyclomer is an amphibian bicycle intended to run on land as well as on water. The name of the inventor has been forgotten with the ages….


2/ A mini umbrella for smoking in the rain

A cigarette umbrella? An invention for smokers in adverse weather. Simply add the device to your cigarette and off you go, hail, rain or snow!

Montage: LIFE via Twitter/Pinterest

3/ TV headset

This invention isn’t a million miles from today’s virtual reality glasses, and was developed by Hugo Gernsback in 1963. It was so advanced for the era that it was in fact very unpopular. The teleyeglasses were glasses that could diffuse images through a stereoscope, giving a sensation of immersion and a 3D effect. An inventor who was well ahead of his times!

Montage: Credits: LIFE via/Pinterest

4/ The sewing machine bicycle

While the lady is taking up the gentleman’s hemlines, the children pedal! A family cycle brought to a whole new level!

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5/ Motorised wipers for your glasses

Going cycling on a rainy day is perhaps not the most relaxing sensation. Especially when your glasses fog up with humidity. However, you never thought of this very particular model, with integrated lens wipers! There were also varieties for pedestrians.

Montage: Credits: LIFE via/Pinterest

6/ Radioactive beauty products, underwear and chocolate

Before it was banned in the 1940s, radium made an appearance in ads for certain everyday products: chocolate, underwear, moisturisers, fizzy drinks and soap. The element discovered by Mr. and Madame Curie enjoyed a certain popularity, even being recommended by doctors at the time!

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