The 10 urban myths we keep hearing about our computers

6/ You shouldn’t switch your computer on and off too often

An urban myth that could be as dangerous for your PC as for the environment! Because leaving your computer switched on can lead to overheating. And in terms of the environment, well we already know the effects of over consumption.

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7/ WiFi waves are harmful to your health

WiFi waves are around 20 times less powerful than that of a smart phone. Add to that the fact that it’s rare that you hold your laptop to your ear! Even if a WiFi router is switched on 24/7, the World Health Organisation do not seem to be sounding any alarms about it.

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8/ The price of computers keeps coming down, it’s better to wait before buying

Manufacturing costs of computers remain fairly stable over time. Even if there has been a slight reduction in pricing in general, this only happens over long periods of time. What’s more, a high spec computer still costs over 1700 euros, while an medium spec one is around 1000.

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9/ You can’t get a virus if you have anti-virus software installed

Certainly, your anti-virus software will protect you from existing viruses, but unfortunately, there are always new viruses being created, leaving the anti-virus packages little time to combat them effectively. This is why it is strongly recommended that you regularly update your anti-virus software.

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10/ Paid anti-virus packages are better

Quite the contrary. In general, the free anti-virus software packages are more responsive and of better quality than those that have been developed by commercial companies (as strange as it may seem). This is because the internet is a space that never stops evolving, and the Google community providing the free packages are more up to speed with the new types of viruses that are constantly emerging.

Credits: Pexels